About the Project

Our team of seasoned Laravel web developers undertook the task of crafting an estimator application tailored for an Iron Company’s specific needs. Leveraging Laravel v7, we aimed to create a robust solution that streamlined their estimation processes while ensuring a seamless user experience.

What We Did

Our primary focus was on developing a feature-rich estimator application that catered to the unique requirements of the iron company. We integrated a suite of technologies, including Ajax, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and Laravel, to build a comprehensive solution. Utilizing the Flatlab Pro theme, based on Twitter Bootstrap, we crafted a visually appealing design that emphasized usability.

How We Did

Employing MySQL stored procedures for calculations, we optimized the application’s performance and reduced the load on the front-end. A key aspect of our approach was the conversion of MS-DOS files into MySQL data, a process that involved extracting information, populating correct columns, and executing necessary calculations before insertion. Extensive use of jQuery and Ajax further enhanced the application’s responsiveness and interactivity, ensuring a smooth user experience throughout.


Straight professional! Able to gather requirements and gave first preview with almost 100% accuracy. Fast and accepting of changes and amazing to work with. Great communication skills!

— Mike L, The Why Builder