About the Project

Our seasoned team of web developers embarked on the creation of a sophisticated website, leveraging the Bridge theme and Elementor theme builder to deliver a feature-rich platform. This project demanded intricate custom implementations and integration of various plugins to meet the client’s requirements.

What We Did

Our endeavor involved implementing a wide array of functionalities, including WooCommerce order management, user role management via Ultimate Member plugin hooks, and dynamic appointment scheduling using the Bookly plugin. Additionally, we integrated the Stripe API for payments and the Google Calendar for appointment scheduling, with the Zoom API facilitating video and audio calls for appointments.

How We Did

Utilizing our expertise in Ajax, CSS/HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and WordPress, we meticulously crafted custom PHP and JavaScript code to enhance the functionalities of the website. The integration of Stripe and Google Calendar APIs required meticulous attention to detail and robust development practices to ensure seamless functionality and security.