About the Project

Our team of experienced web developers was tasked with creating a bespoke E-Commerce platform utilizing the Laravel framework. Collaborating closely with the client, we designed and developed the platform from scratch to align precisely with their envisioned aesthetics and functional requirements.

What We Did

We meticulously crafted a custom E-Commerce solution, incorporating advanced features and tailored functionalities. Leveraging our expertise in web development technologies, we ensured a seamless user experience and robust backend architecture.

How We Did

Employing Laravel as the foundation, we implemented a comprehensive range of technologies and techniques. Our design approach integrated custom CSS for a unique visual identity and employed jQuery for enhancing user interactions. We focused extensively on CSS animations and parallax effects to elevate the platform’s aesthetic appeal.


10 out of 10 stars, has a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to both front end and backend applications. Approach is logical and thorough. Understand what I am going for and he shares ideas for implementation. Came up with solutions I did not think of and also provided a great and very custom website site functionality where creativity and coding meet in the middle with awesome results.

— Raymond S, Urban Enigma