About the Project

Our project involved the creation of a bespoke website for a client, leveraging a purchased theme and design mockups provided in PDF format. As a professional web development agency, we meticulously tailored every aspect of the website to align with the client’s specific preferences, including font styles, color schemes, and layout choices.

What We Did

We custom-built each page of the website using the Visual Composer theme builder, ensuring seamless integration of the client’s design mockups. Our team applied additional custom CSS to refine the appearance and functionality of the site, guaranteeing that it perfectly mirrored the client’s vision.

How We Did

Beginning with the client’s design mockups, we translated their requirements into a functional website by utilizing HTML, CSS, and WordPress. The Visual Composer theme builder provided a versatile platform for creating and arranging page elements with precision. Through a combination of coding expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we brought the client’s vision to life while adhering to industry best practices and standards.


Excellent, the communication between us was the most important quality I was looking for. Was very kind and helpful with any issues that came up. My WordPress website was up and running in less than one hour. Also taught me how to use the interface and I will continue to work with him in near future. Best of luck!

Ali S, Ali Siam