About the Project

Our web development agency was tasked with crafting a bespoke WordPress theme from the ground up. Armed with a comprehensive PSD design, encompassing font selections, color palettes, and imagery, we embarked on creating a tailor-made solution. Leveraging our proficiency in contemporary design principles and technological finesse, we aimed to elevate user engagement and provide a seamlessly operational, aesthetically pleasing website.

What We Did

We meticulously translated the client’s intricate PSD design into a fully functional WordPress theme. Employing our expertise in CSS/HTML, along with specialized tools like Multisite Network with Coaching – Life And Business Coach WordPress Theme and Visual Composer, we ensured every aspect of the website aligned with the client’s vision. Our focus was not only on meeting technical requirements but also on enhancing the overall user experience.

How We Did

Beginning with a detailed analysis of the provided design assets, we meticulously crafted each element to match the client’s specifications. Our development process involved a combination of hand-coding and utilizing WordPress’s robust ecosystem of plugins and frameworks. Through iterative testing and refinement, we iteratively polished the theme to ensure optimal performance and visual fidelity across various devices and platforms.


It was really great working. Extremely patient and helpful and does the work diligently and efficiently. Our contract took much longer than expected, the delay was on our end, but he was very responsive every time we reached out. He conducted all work professionally and honestly, which is a big asset when working remotely with people. I wish him the best of luck and much success as he well deserves. Thank you!

— Shazaf M, Get Linkked