About the Project

Tasked by a professional web development agency, our mission was to develop a bespoke WordPress theme from the ground up. With the client furnishing a detailed PSD design, encompassing font preferences, color schemes, and images, we embarked on a collaborative journey to refine the user experience and create a visually striking website that surpasses expectations.

What We Did

Our team embarked on the creation of a tailor-made WordPress theme, aligning closely with the client’s design specifications. Through adept utilization of CSS/HTML, jQuery, and WordPress, we transformed the provided PSD design into a fully functional website, tailored to elevate user engagement and aesthetics.

How We Did

We meticulously translated the client’s detailed design, incorporating specified fonts, colors, and imagery into the WordPress theme. Collaborating closely with the client, we iteratively refined the user experience to ensure seamless navigation and interaction. Our approach amalgamated modern design principles with robust WordPress development techniques, resulting in a website that excels both visually and functionally.


Did an amazing job on my website, I have been recommending him to everyone I know in need of work! I went through four different developers, it was getting very frustrating. I asked a lot while building my website from scratch and he was able to do exactly as I wanted in a very timely manner. Prices are also very fair. I will absolutely be using in the future. Thanks for everything!

— Stephanie W, Stephanie Wolf Photography